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February 22nd 2008

Long Time

Once again, it’s been forever and a day since I last wrote. Not much has happened since, and I really never have much to write about anymore.

We did indeed break another record with the Christmas Bureau toys. We took the toys into Brentwood Mall on December 8th, with a total of 50 toys. So far this year we’ve collected 14. One of these years we won’t break a record, but I’m going to keep on trying anyway. Sadly, Brentwood Mall changed their donation bin, and our toys completely filled the empty bin up. We refuse to take our toys to Lougheed, because their bin is out in the open and easy for a grinch to steal from. I’m not so sure I want to take toys to the Brentwood one anymore either, as while it’s less grinchable due to its location (busy kids play area) it’s a very tight fit for the toys and we’re having to drive quite the distance in our shitter of a car to get out there. I’m going to have to look into other locations come Christmastime.

In school, I’m taking Drama: Film & Television 12 now. We’ve watched 4 movies so far: Modern Times, The Public Enemy, Grapes of Wrath, and Casablanca. Our first quiz was on Wednesday. So far I’m doing good, and got quite the surprise when I received 20/20 on my Grapes of Wrath journal — I was sure I was going to get less than 50% on it. The course ends in June.

In other parts of life, we’re taking Speedycat to the vet tomorrow — we think she’s constipated. I won’t go into detail, I’ve done enough of that on Livejournal already. We bought a new, Sky Blue toaster online from JC Penney, and now our kitchen is starting to look awesome. We’ve been trying to update our kitchen, to look colourful, slightly diner but not so retro that our counters look brand new (yes, we have retro 50’s countertops). Still looking for Salt & Pepper Shakers and a metal over-sink shelf, and maybe a few more knick-knacks.

See? Life’s pretty boring. Come back in five months and I’ll update you on what design I used on my birthday cake in July.

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November 16th 2007


It’s been ages since I last posted. I really don’t have much to say at the moment. I’m just posting to plug my new Sims 2 site:

To make this only half-plugwhorish… We’re pretty sure we’ve broken yet another record with toys for the Christmas Bureau. We haven’t counted, but seeing as we can’t even fit any more toys in the small closet I think it’s safe to say, “okey, so maybe we went a little overboard this year”.
I’m contemplating taking a few toys to Santa and bribing out a picture. Does that make me naughty? The donation box is right there, and I’m going to donate them anyway… I JUST REALLY WANT THAT PICTURE.

Oh yeah, and since I never mentioned it, I got an A in Communications 12. Had I not been so anxious (both test and holymassesofpeoplespazspazspaz) I’d have gotten a higher percentage, but the Provincial Test half-bombage totally brought my grade down from 97.5% to 87% — just in the range for an A in BC.

And there you have it. My life since March pretty much. And site whoring :P

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March 18th 2007

I Have A Life

Pardon the lack of entries lately. I’ve been so focused on other things that my internet activity has been fairly limited. So, here’s a bigger update to make up for it, and the ones that might not happen for a while after this.

Is going absolutely awesome. There are marks out for the course already, I might ask for them at the beginning of April — halfway through the course.
It would seem I’m better with the English language than I give myself credit for. I’m poor at pattern recognition, but now that I’m aware of it I’m hoping I’ll learn how to see them. My writing, it would seem, is beyond the course. Comments from the teacher have become a regular occurance. The most recent:

You are one of the best writers I have encountered in all my time working here!

“Your writing is at a college level.”

Does not follow my plan but you have the ability to go beyond my limiting structure!
(in asking where I was off he basically told me to ignore his structure. part of that pattern recognition issue.)

These all come from Persuasive Paragraphs, one of the steps taken in the course in working toward essay writing. Essays have always been my strong point, I love essays. And as the teacher is now aware, I can write them on the spot, following opposing viewpoints, and still sound like I’ve spent weeks preparing. So far, my topics have been: Television is Bad, Exercise is Good, Computers are Good and Smoking is Bad. Smoking is Bad was an on-the-spot essay, because I’d been so excited about the computers topic that I wrote it at home on my computer before class :P

Oh also, the BCA/DM12 final grades were given to me near the end of February:
BCA11: 98%
DM12: 97%

What, work? Yes, work!
I have been working with my mother again. I last worked with her in 2005 as a temp Dispatch Assistant, and worked one day for one of her coworkers in 2006 doing filing. This year, I’m a Clerical Assistant doing filing and file archiving. I started on March 9th working in my mother’s department, and that turned into working in two departments, and Friday it turned into working in two departments and some other filing for a coworker who liked the work I was doing. Once complete with the second department it sounds like I’ll be going around to all the cubicles and seeing if anybody else needs any filing done. And another employee is pushing for me to clear up their mezzanine jam packed with old archives.
So, what I thought would be “one day, certainly no more than once a week” has turned into “three days for a while”. Three days so it doesn’t interfere with school. :thumbsup:

We bought an exercise bike this weekend. I’d been wanting to purchase one since we bought our first pieces of exercise equipment five years ago. I regretted not buying a bike while still in the store, but didn’t want to “waste my inheritance” on exercise equipment. Now we have one, and I intend to make good use of it.
There was an issue with the skytrain this past week, and I came out from it with a lot of surprises. I can see myself opening up every day, gaining control over the social phobia and actually forming a life. I spoke to two strangers, and requested the assistance of another stranger and a police officer. All things that would have chased me back into my cave not long ago.

And that’s my LIFE right now. Yes, I do have a life. Quite surprising, it is it is.

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February 6th 2007

What’s your name? mmmphfm — What? Speak up!

Awesome, awesome day. I think Jim knew just what he was doing when he put me in that course. ;)

The teacher could see something was wrong when he came in the class. During our five minute break, he ended up coming to talk to me. Turns out, he had a girl a few terms back who was agoraphobic. She did the exact same as myself, one course at a time, and had the same fears when it came to the classroom (speeches, group things, asking questions etc.)
He reassured me — There are no speeches, but there will be discussions between small groups of four, and no on-the-spot questions.
He also checked with me after class to be sure I was alright :)
Annnnnnd he doesn’t like to give out homework! :D
And I do have to bring a book to read in class. Meh. I’m going to ask him if he has the same “must be a fiction novel” rule. I’d much rather read a biography.

Today was talking one-on-one with another student. The girl in front of me seems really nice though, not scary, so that made it easy. And I have one of those single tables, nobody sitting beside me. Yay!
We also had to write a story based on a picture he gave us of a homeless person sleeping beside a wheelchair in what looked like fall or winter. He likes things double-spaced, I like that. My paper looks less messy, as a lefty. I don’t think I quite did what he was asking, but he was only doing it to get an idea of where the class was writing-wise, so it shouldn’t much matter.

Yeah, and remember creepy dude? He’s in my class as well. :crazy:
(and there’s a really hot guy two seats up from him :thumbsup: )

On the way home I had an elderly woman talking to me about loving this weather because it doesn’t smell like poo. And torontonians wearing nothing in the summer. Gave me a good laugh!

Oh also, teacher from BCA11/DM12 still hasn’t finished marking my stuff. He’s going to email it to me :P

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January 23rd 2007


Weekend before last I slipped on a patch of ice and landed hard on my knee. Hadn’t been able to leave the house on my own, and the few times I went out with my mother it was very difficult. (especially when you live in an apartment full of stairs. ouch.)

I hadn’t posted much about the Data Management 12 course here, but it’s the second course I was working on after Business Computer Applications 11.

I finally got into school today, to hand in my final project. The PowerPoint Project (which got all borked in the odp->ppt conversion, so i spent half of the course fixing it)

I’m all done the course, as of today. I don’t have grades for it yet, because the teacher hasn’t finished marking everything. But I’m done!
(he says “maybe we can bring you in to assist now and then” — yeah, i rock :P )
8 credits down, 44 to go (because damnit, while they may not want me to go that route, i WILL get my full high school diploma)

Teacher also signed me up for my next course:

Communications 12
February 6th - June 14th
Tuesdays & Thursdays
12:30 - 3:00PM

After that, I’d take English 11, then take full English 12. Teacher thinks it’s better that way. I agree, it’ll probably make English 11 a lot easier for me when I get to it.

I feel good :)

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